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Meredith & Xavier

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Meredith & Xavier

Family Photography for the Dickson Family

I was chatting with Meredith at either a campdraft or a barrel race last year, I can’t remember which, and she mentioned that she would love to get some photos done of herself, Xavier and their animal family. Well, I knew this had to happen!

What do they say? Never work with kids and animals…..that is a load of poppycock in my book. Working with kids and animals is the absolute best as far as I am concerned. And to narrow it down – kids, horses and dogs all together is my photography dream come true.

We sorted finer details, organised a date and time, I met Meredith and Xavier at their block, and off we set. The thing about working with animals and kids is you have to be prepared that everything may possibly not go exactly as you had prepared for. Extra patience is required as dogs generally will not sit exactly where you want them to, horses will want to eat all the time, and kid’s attention spans will be short. None of that stuff worries me. I guarantee we will still get some shots that can be treasured forever.

By the time the shoot was just about over – or more to the point we had nearly run out of daylight – that amazing golden light started to stream through the trees. We had about 7 mins to embrace it before it disappeared. Xavier was given the job of kicking up some dust to accentuate the golden light and then quickly jump back into the picture next to Mum. He was excellent at his task and I sure could not have captured the shot without his help. Thanks to Meredith and Xavier for one of my favourite shoots.

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