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Beginner Bootcamp

Are you passionate about expanding your knowledge in your photographic journey so you may capture the images that you have dreamed of? Everything is achievable, it just takes a little time, dedication, and willingness to learn. Let me support you in this journey in every way that I can!

Come and see the world through a different lens. Don’t just learn, be inspired. I will support and encourage you on your journey to embracing your camera and capture images with ease and confidence.

This is the last round of Beginner Bootcamp for 2023.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What camera do I need?

The camera you already have is perfect. As we will be learning how to shoot in manual mode, it is preferable that you can adjust the settings such as aperture (f-stop), shutter speed and ISO on your camera’s body.

How long does the course go for?

Beginner Bootcamp is a 21 day bootcamp style course. You will receive unlimited support during that time via a FB group and Zoom sessions. There is follow up support beyond the completion of the course.

Can I access the course after 21 days?

Yes, you have lifetime access to the course.

How does the course work?

The course is structured so you can do it from anywhere, in your own time. The 11 lessons are pre-recorded and spread over the 21 days, with the longest lesson being 20 minutes. A downloadable 120 page workbook is included, along with suggested exercises for you to complete when it suits you.

Is the course suitable for teenagers?

Absolutely. The course is suitable for anyone who has a keen interest in learning all things photography and how to get the best out of their camera. Like anything, the more questions you ask, the more you will get out of the course.

Do we learn about editing?

Yes, we cover the basics of editing in Lightroom in the 2 bonus lessons.

Will I receive support during the course?

Yes! We will have a private FB group just for the course participants where you can ask any questions. I personally monitor this Fb group and answer all the questions posted. We also have 3 x face to face Zoom calls that will be in a Q&A format. We also offer follow up support at the completion of the course via a Fb group that all participants who have done the Beginner Bootcamp course are part of. This is a support group of like-minded individuals who are on the same journey.

How much does the course cost?

The course cost is $197.

I loved every component of this course. I am a super busy person, however this course was concise and flexible so I could fit it in my schedule. I loved the FB community and zoom sessions as I really felt we were on the same journey, which removed judgment and empowered sharing of questions and experiences from the workbook exercises. I learnt and explored new skills with growing confidence as well as becoming more familiar and comfortable with my beautiful camera. Practice is the key to maintaining and growing individually in this photography space and now I have the foundations to do this. Great value for money and personal enrichment ?Lisa genuinely wants to share her knowledge to keen students. Thank you.


Coaching - Photography

Unlock the secrets to capturing stunning photography with personalised coaching. If you don’t have 21 days spare to commit to my Beginner Bootcamp online course, this option may suit you.

As a professional photographer with years of experience, I’ve seen it all, and have been in the exact same situation as you are now – so I am here to help. That’s why I am offering personalised photography coaching via Zoom, tailored specifically to your needs and goals.

In our 1-on-1 sessions, we’ll work together to identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to help you improve your photography skills. Whether you’re a beginner who’s just getting started with manual mode, or a photographer who has been shooting for a number of years who is looking for a confidence lift, I’ll provide expert guidance and feedback to help you achieve picture-perfect results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the session delivered?

The session is delivered via zoom at a time that is suitable for both of us.

Is the session recorded so I can refer back?

Yes, I can record the session.

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I arranged a 1:1 with Lisa after receiving a booking for a shoot which was going to be in a different setting to what I was used to. Lisa talked me through how to handle the different lighting and reassured me that I knew what I was doing and the shoot would be a success.
I went to the shoot with the confidence of not only Lisa’s course but the 1:1 was the refresher I needed to get the job done at a professional level. It’s reassuring to know that there is support available that’s relevant to shooting in the outback.


Coaching - Business

Are you struggling to grow your photography business? Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about how to move forward? I’ve been there, and I know how frustrating it can be. When I first decided to start my own photography business, I was filled with excitement and optimism. I loved taking pictures, and I couldn’t wait to share my passion with the world, and hopefully make a few $$ along the way. But as I started building my business, I quickly realised that it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. I was at the fork in the road, and had to make some big decisions if I was to move forward. Through lots of hard work and strategy, I have now created a business that turns over 6 figures annually. If this is you, and you would like some support on how to move forward, I will work with you to create a customised plan that’s tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the session delivered?

The session is delivered via zoom at a time that is suitable for both of us.

Is the session recorded so I can refer back?

Yes, I can record the session.

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My mentoring session with Lisa was a truly enriching experience, covering a wide range of topics from drone photography to essential aspects of running a photography business. Lisa's generosity and openness played a significant role in my growth as a photographer.

Lauran Wendelborn

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Online courses and Outback retreats.

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