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Lisa Alexander

Authentic - Real - Emotive

I am passionate about documenting our industry, lifestyle and the amazing people who live in the outback. I truly believe we are surrounded by beauty even in the most insignificant moments. The absolute love of the land I have, and the people who live in the outback, are what inspires me every day. My style of photography leans more towards documentary, I love my images to tell a story.

To be able to share what I have learnt over the years, how to shoot authentic real images in ever-changing lighting situations in rural Australia, and to capture those in-between moments is what keeps me motivated. This also fuels my passion to help others to get the best out of their cameras to preserve those moments that will become cherished memories.


“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye”
– Dorothy Parker

Courses + Coaching

See the world through a different lens. Don’t just learn, be inspired. I will support and encourage you on your journey to embracing your camera.

Workshops + Retreats

If you are interested in organising a face to face workshop in your area, please contact me. All upcoming Workshops and Retreats can be found via the link below.


There’s no greater testimonial to the success of an event, than images of your guests having fun, with beaming smiles on their faces.

Family + Maternity

The most priceless moments of connection for families happen during everyday life – they can’t happen on command.


If your shoot isn’t captured in these other categories, it definitely doesn’t mean we can’t make it happen! Learn more.

Commercial + Real Estate

Do you own, or are part of a business that is looking to update your imagery for content or marketing purposes?

We've worked with some of the biggest brands


“She has a magical way of finding the perfect angle, lighting and of course expressions”

“Lisa is an incredibly talented and professional photographer. Her ability to capture the true look and feel of the Australian outback and its people is astounding. She has a magical way of finding the perfect angle, lighting and of course expressions. During our multiple day session, Lisa always made sure our team and clients alike were feeling comfortable and enjoying the experience while she captured them in their element.”

Lizzie McClymont

“This course is amazing, Lisa is a great tutor who is able to explain information and skills in an understandable way so it makes sense. I have learnt a great deal whilst completing this course and it has reinvigorated my love for photography and I am much more confident to take photos on manual mode now. Lisa is also very present in the course and is always able to offer advice, suggestions and answer questions. The zoom sessions with the other students were really well run and we created a little network. I can’t wait for the next course or retreat with Lisa to be able to build upon my skills further. Highly recommend to anyone! Thanks again Lisa.”

Kellie Craft

“Congratulations Lisa! Your photography captures the essence of our beautiful country in a way that seems to connect with the spirit of those who love it.”

Sally McIntyre

Online Course

21-Day Beginner Bootcamp

Outback Retreat

2-Day Photography Retreat

Outback Retreat

5-Day Photography Retreat