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Online Course

21-Day Beginner Bootcamp

Are you passionate about expanding your knowledge in your photographic journey so you may capture the images that you have dreamed of? Everything is achievable, it just takes a little time, dedication, and willingness to learn. Let me support you in this journey in every way that I can!

Come and see the world through a different lens. Don’t just learn, be inspired. I will support and encourage you on your journey to embracing your camera and capture images with ease and confidence.

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I loved every component of this course. I am a super busy person, however this course was concise and flexible so I could fit it in around my schedule. I loved the FB community and zoom sessions as I really felt we were on the same journey, which removed any judgement and empowered sharing of questions and experiences for the workbook exercises. I learnt and exposed new skills with growing confidence as well as becoming more familiar and comfortable with my beautiful camera. Practice is the key to maintaining and growing individually in the photography space and I now have the foundations to do this. Great value for money and personal enrichment. Lisa genuinely wants to share her knowledge to keen students. Thank you.


Being a total beginner when it comes to photography, I was hesitant to join Lisa's Beginner Bootcamp because I don't really consider myself to be creative. Lisa never makes you feel that your questions are silly and is so encouraging with feedback on the photos that you take. I wish I had joined sooner - I would be further down the track with my photography journey. To anyone thinking about joining, my advice is - jump in and go for it! Join the FB group and attend the zoom meetings - you will not be disappointed. Thanks Lisa - this was the best decision - totally enjoyed the learning. Looking forward to any other courses that come along.


The course is amazing. Lisa is a great tutor who is able to explain information and skills in an understandable way so that it makes sense. I have learnt a great deal whilst completing this course and it has reinvigorated my love for photography and I am much more confident to take photos using manual mode now. Lisa is also very present in the course and is always able to offer advice, suggestions and answer questions. The zoom sessions with the other students were really well run and we created a little network. I can't wait for the next course or retreat with Lisa to be able to build upon my skills further - Highly recommend to anyone!


When photos are the only thing you have left to help hand onto precious memories, taking great photos to capture the people, the story and the emotions has become so important to me. I have absolutely loved doing Lisa's Beginner Bootcamp. This is from someone who wouldn't get off 'Auto' to now feeling confident in playing with the manual settings in order to capture an image with a bit more 'wow' instead of 'meh'. This course is so well organised into logical well planned steps, where each lesson is built upon the last. Concepts are organised into lessons that are explained very well with great short videos. I love how we have lifetime access to the course and we can go back and watch the videos numerous times for those of us who require a bit more time to understand. The exercises attached to those lessons provide great opportunities to practise what we've learnt. The zoom sessions are a great addition as it gives you a chance to meet other people and learn from them as well. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their photography. You can't go wrong.


Thank you Lisa! I have loved the self paces aspect, the content has been easy to understand and apply and the fact that there were no exams/formal testing (I previously did a TAFE course many moons ago) lifted the pressure somewhat and I really enjoyed digging a little deeper into the basics. Loved the way you presented everything and the fact we have these resources for life to refer back to. It was also lovely listening to other participants in the group zoom sessions, their questions and struggles and triumphs. This made you feel like t you were not alone when it came to making a few mistakes or feeling a little 'gumby'. A great 3 weeks - where did that time go!!

Jann Berthelsen

The content and the presentation has been outstanding. Working full time I found myself constantly behind and only able to do the practise exercises on a weekend, but being able to do this, going backwards and forwards had been invaluable. I love the workbook and I will go back and re-do the whole lot again for reinforcement. I would be very interested in any other courses you offer in the future. Thanks Lisa, I think my understanding is much better than when I started.


Outback Retreat

5-Day Photography Retreat

I will be hosting a 5 day Photography Retreat in Blackall for the Blackall Cultural Association in 2024. We will be using the Living Arts Centre as our base for accommodation, meals and a workroom as needed.

During the 5 days we will be learning all things photography in the outback along with participating in short and day length excursions to practise our skills.

Mardi is organising this Retreat, so please contact her via the button below and she will provide you with more information.

PS. the Retreat is nearly booked out…only a couple of spots left!

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Outback Frames

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

I am very excited to be hosting what will be 2 incredible days at the amazing Gilberton Station, Einasleigh. This Retreat will be jam-packed with opportunities to learn and photograph a working cattle station that has been in the French family for 7 generations. A chopper ride is included in the price as are all accommodation, meals and tours.

Just so you know… this Retreat is capped at 6 participants only!

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Outback Retreat

If you are interested in organising a face to face workshop in your area please contact me.

Events Photographer

There’s no greater testimonial to the success of an event, than images of your guests having fun, with beaming smiles on their faces.

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